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Golf flexibility and Pre-Game Warm-up

Golf, like any other athletic activity, requires a proper warm-up and stretch. A warm-up is needed to increase body's temperature, warming up the joints, tendons, ligaments and cartilage. It increases oxygen intake, delivering nutrients to muscles and Paul Frediani's Golf Flexsynovial fluid, which lubricates the joints. A proper warm-up will also awaken the neuromuscular (balance) system.

Stretching increases the range and smoothness of body movement while decreasing risk of injury. The most commonly used form of stretch is known as static stretching, done by holding a stretch 20 to 30 seconds. This helps relax and elongate muscles. A good flexibility program can help insure good posture, which not only reduces the risk of overuse injuries but also increases efficiency of movement. Efficient movements improve sports performance by delivering power where needed and keeping movement consistent. A consistent swing is a lower score. Unfortunately, as we get older, our joints get tighter. As flexibility decreases a golfer will try to compensate for the lack of flexibility in the hips, legs and upper back by altering their swing. They will compromise the health of their lower back. Trying to maintain the range of motion in a swing, which is hindered by poor flexibility, will create undo stress in the lower back.

Paul Frediani's Golf FlexWe also know that we should warm-up before stretching. Warming up the muscles and core temperature decreases risk of injury to muscles while stretching. So how do we do it properly? The conventional method, which has been used for years, is that one should warm-up a good 10 minutes before stretching. Warm-ups usually consist of a brisk walk, jog or rhymatic movement. Then 8-10 minutes of slow static stretching before starting your game.

Let's take a look at how Golf Flex's Ten Minutes to Better Play can improve this conventional process. A warm-up of running or walking may be good if you're going for a jog, but the movements of jogging or walking do not resemble the golf swing. One's warm-up should resemble the pattern of movement of the sport to be played. The golf swing is a rotational Paul Frediani's Golf Flexand multi-plane movement, so warming up with sport specific movements as shown in Golf Flex would serve a golfer best.

Then let's observe what happens to the body temperature as you cease your warm-up and begin a slow static stretching routine. Your body temperature will plunge. By the time Paul Frediani's Golf Flexyou're finished the stretching portion of your warm-up, the body will be as cold as it was before the warm-up! Slow static stretching may relax the muscles and increase range of motion but how does it prepare the body to move at the rate of speed needed to swing a golf club? Static stretching is best done after playing.

Golf Flex combines powerful functional-active stretching with sports-specific dynamic movements. The dynamic movements of Golf Flex prepare the golfer to move in planes of motions required in a golf game: frontal, side to side and rotational. The active-active stretching will increase range of motion, by not only stretching muscles but also preparing nervous system for the work at hand--swinging a golf club at 90 miles per Paul Frediani's Golf Flexhour. Golf Flex's ten-minute warm-up and stretch works by simultaneously warming up the body's core temperature and actively stretching. This one-two combination will prepare the muscles and joints for the power and the speed required for your game. It will put the punch back in your play, increase performance and reduce risk of injuries.

Developed by top trainer Paul Frediani, and featuring golf pro Kevin Smith. Shot entirely on location at the beautiful Montauk Downs golf course, Paul will guide you through Golf Flex's simple but powerful routine that will keep you playing longer and stronger.

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