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Paul Frediani's Net Flex
Paul Frediani's Net Flex
Paul Frediani's Net Flex
From beginners to regular weekend players to the top tournament seeds, tennis players everywhere will benefit from Net Flex, a simple easy-to-follow stretching program designed to improve your game. These simple stretching exercises can be done almost anywhere-in your office, at the clubhouse, at home or on the court. Presented in a simple user-friendly format, the Net Flex program requires only ten minutes a day. Stretch your way to increased flexibility and gain power and control in your game.
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With increased flexibility players will notice more powerful serves, a better forearm, stronger backhands and many other improvements. Professional athletes have discovered the value of flexibility training, and have flexibility specialists to stretch them before and after a game. Now you can have one of America's leading trainers be your guide to tennis' secret weapon: Net Flex.

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