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Paul Frediani's Sex Flex
Paul Frediani's Sex FlexExercise can not only improve flexibility and overall health but by exercising together a couple can improve their communication, build a better body image and enhance their sex life. Taking a holistic approach to sexuality, SexFlex first examines the connection between flexibility and communication, the importance of body image to ourselves and our partners, and how these things can improve our relationships. With beautiful photographs and illustrations, SexFlex goes on to demonstrate breathing techniques, stretches and other exercises that are designed for a couple to do together.
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Targeting every part of the body, these exercises are designed to be done in the bedroom-or at the gym. Developed by a nationally recognized fitness trainer and a communications professional who has devoted years to studying human sexuality and relationships, SexFlex is the couples' book for the new millennium. Sections include: Breathing-the key to SexFlex; SexFlex from head to toe; SexFlex play; Sex-life enhancement through improved communication, body image, and self-confidence.

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