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Say, would you like to eat some nuked food? Probably not. Well, there's a good chance that is what you're doing every time you eat food prepared in a microwave oven.

A microwave is a form of electromagnetic energy. Microwaves were invented by a German scientist to support the mobile operations of and prepare mass volumes of food for the Nazi invasion of Russia. Today, microwaves are used in relaying telephone signals, TV programs and computer info across the earth or into space. They are also used to cook food and became popular for home use in the 70's. Because of their speed and convenience, they are in 90% of American households.

Chances are everyone has eaten food that has been microwaved and you don't have to be a gourmet chef to know that microwaved food tastes different from foods cooked the old-fashioned way. This is because microwaved food contains both molecules and energies not present in food cooked the way humans have been cooking since the discovery of fire.

Microwaves are based on the principle of alternating current. Atoms, molecules and cells exposed with this electromagnetic radiation are forced to reverse polarity at 1-100 billion times a second. Friction of the water molecules creates heat. The structure of food is then torn apart and heated from the inside out. Basically the food is denatured. When you eat food that is denatured your gut receptors will not recognize it as food, resulting in the body reacting with an immune response.

The chemical structure of food changes when microwaved and we don't know the consequences of that. In 'The Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture (vol. 83, issue 14), a study showed that when broccoli was microwaved it lost 90% of its nutrients. However, when steamed it had a minimal effect in terms of nutrients lost.

Not only is the food denatured, but the packaging used to hold and microwave your foods is made up of chemicals and polymers that according to "The Safe Shopper's Bible" can disintegrate allowing carcinogens from the containers to enter your food.

The Russians and Germans conducted research from 1957 to the present at The Institute of Radio Technology at Kinsk. The effects of microwave use were divided into 3 categories. The conclusions are as follows:

CATEGORY 1 - microwaves have cancer-causing effects.

CATEGORY 2 - microwaves destroy nutrients in foods.

CATEGORY 3 - exposure to microwave emissions has an unpredictable and negative effect on the biological welfare of humans.

So, the question you might be asking is "If microwave use is so bad, why would the government allow its use?" I don't know. Why do they allow the sale of tobacco or the use of hydrogenated oils in our foods? Why would Russia, the country that has done the most diligent research on microwave technology, ban their use in 1976? Don't nuke your food, and stay a safe distance from microwave ovens when in use. Be proactive with your health, or you might find yourself glowing in the dark.

In health and fitness,
Paul Frediani

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